Mobility Access Melbourne

Safe ingress andegress are of utmost importance for disabled and aged occupants. Safe In Motion has the solution to fit out vehicles to meet these requirements.

A few examples of the type of modifications we offer include:

  • Grab Bars for entry and exit handles, and seating.
  • Installation of specific needs seating
  • Fully automated tailgates for wheelchair access
  • Adding seatbelts, restraint devices & ISOFIX.

Designed and engineered to a high standard, for maximum safety and ease of use for occupants.Our solution focuses on the importance of ongoing cleaning and maintenance to meet the hygiene standards of the healthcare industry. With our industry-leading and regulation-compliant approach to fitting vehicles for increased mobility access the Melbourne based team at Safe in Motion can keep disabled and aged passengers safe when boarding, or during travel.

Securely-fitted based on the vehicle type and the intended use, our mobility access installations greatly reduce the risk of injury to vulnerable passengers and occupants.

Aged Care Vehicle Fit Out

For effective, modern, and cost-effective aged care vehicle fit outs Melbourne locals ‘near me’ need look no further than the team at Safe in Motion. With years of experience in the industry we can be trusted to greatly increase the safety of all types of vehicles on Victorian roads. From private vehicles such as sedans, to mini-vans and buses, we can fit out your selected vehicle to cater for the needs of single-occupants or large groups of people.

Thanks to our versatility and skill, Safe in Motion’s range of services are perfect for both private residents and organisations such as nursing and aged care facilities. Don’t take any risks regarding the health and wellbeing of your occupants, consult with Safe in Motion!

Adding Seat Belts Melbourne

At Safe in Motion we know the importance of ensuring that all occupants of the vehicle stay as safe as possible while seated. Adhering to industry standards and regulations we can secure the right seat belts into your vehicle, preventing extensive injury from impacting passengers in the event of a collision.

By adding seat belts, Melbourne motorists and vehicle occupants can have peace of mind every time they get into their vehicle. To find out more about our cost-effective and regulation-compliant seat belt installation solutions give our professional team a call on 0448 678 780 or on 0490 514 009.

Panel Protection Flat Packs for all Vans
to be installed by customer.
(Price per item + Postage based on location)

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