Turnkey Fit-outs

We provide a range of pre-made offerings.

At Safe In Motion our professional and renowned team can provide a range of pre-made offerings to Melbourne motorists from all industries. They have all been designed and engineered to the highest levels of safety and quality.

All products are supplied and fitted. The only requirement is the make and model to provide the pre-existing solution to match the customers’ needs.

Van Fit Outs Melbourne

Not just limited to installing safety equipment in different types of vehicles, the professionals at Safe in Motion can oversee the custom fit out of vehicles for professionals from across all industries. From cages, to racks, and including drawers and chests, we can precisely complete secure van fit outs for Melbourne plumbers, electricians, and other such clients and trades people.

Consulting directly with our customers, Safe in Motion can make exceptional use out of the available storage space offered by the van. To learn more about our leading fit outs and how they make optimal use of the available space get in touch with our experts today.

Cargo Barriers Melbourne

Prevent cargo from causing damage and injuring motorists and passengers thanks to the innovative and reliable customisations and modifications on offer from the team at Safe in Motion. Custom sized and shaped to meet the dimensions of the interior of your van, ute tray, or other vehicle, our cargo barriers are made from resilient materials and able to withstand multiple impacts.

Looking for quality suppliers of cargo barriers in Melbourne ‘near me’? Capable of preventing cargo or items from interfering with the safe operation of the vehicle, Safe in Motion’s custom cargo barriers can halt parcels and items in the event of braking or a sudden stop.To increase your safety behind the wheel get in touch with us on 0448 678 780 or on 0490 514 009.

Panel Protection Flat Packs for all Vans
to be installed by customer.
(Price per item + Postage based on location)

Call now to place an order and book a delivery time.

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