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One of the most rewarding and challenging experiences in life is being a parent.

Two decades of corporate management and entrepreneurial experience did not prepare me for the moment I found out my wife was pregnant with our first child … as clichéd as it sounds, my priorities changed overnight. Now, as a proud father of two children, I find that their safety is paramount.

The drive home from the hospital is one of the strongest recollections I have of those first few days of fatherhood, knowing that I was responsible for their safety. That day set the wheels in motion, inspiring me to create Safe In Motion, not only to ensure my own children’s safety but so I could share my knowledge and skills with you to keep your family safe too.

We are an Australian owned and operated family business.


Child Safety

We are child safety advocates and are Australian Child Restraint Initiative (ACRI) accredited. Our journey has highlighted the need to offer a new model for customers as many retailers can demonstrate the features of a baby car seat but in most circumstances are unable to provide specific technical advice regarding installation and performance of the product. Having your seat correctly fitted is just as important as having the right seat to meet your child’s needs.

As parents, we understand the importance of having your precious cargo safe and secure, but we also want to educate on what are the important safety considerations for installation and ongoing use. The more information parents and careers have we believe will produce better safety outcomes.



Engineering & Projects

Co-founder of Safe In Motion, with over 15 years experience with corporate sales in the logistics and supply distribution industry with a focus on Heavy Vehicle applications.

Solution minded I bring a wealth of technical know-how from operations improvement and logistics network redesign to safety improvement initiatives working for and with Australia’s leading Trucking and Logistics operators.

This is coupled with time spent at a market leading Global Heavy Vehicle OEM working with engineering teams and end customers to deliver improvement outcomes.

This experience and capability works seamlessly with what Safe In Motion offers from a custom engineering perspective to create customised solutions for a single customer through to large fleet customers.

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