Safe In Motion (SIM) is a leading name in child seating fitting for Melbourne parents and guardians, they trust SIM’s experienced mobile child restraint fitters. Our entire team is accredited under (ACRI).

SIM’s mission is to deliver and provide key safety information on child restraints for parents.
Statistics state more than 70% of Child Restraints are fitted incorrectly. The Road Toll and related vehicle safety concerns are in the interest of all members of the community. Education, as always is the starting point for improvement. 

The introduction of legislation for mandatory use of seat belts, had a dramatic positive effect on passenger survival rates in motor vehicle accidents. The safety objective for correct installation of child restraints is consistent with what the seatbelt legislation achieved. The point of difference is the correct installation and maintenance of child restraints is not as simple as buckling a passenger into a seatbelt. 

SIM’s drive is to deliver real and measurable positive impact through the delivery of an ongoing professional service. Every child restraint handled by our professional installers will minimise the risk associated with road trauma.

Our experience comes from installing more than 10,000 child restraints per annum across a broad spectrum of the community. What this experience tells us is the greatest way to improve restraint safety is the physical process of doing repeat installs. This gives a professional a much greater ability to perform the task correctly day in, day out. Education is important to let people know what to look for and to be aware of the risks. After every install our experienced staff take the time to run through the safe use and ongoing maintenance with the parent or carer. From this we highlight what to look for to ensure continued safe use of the seat.


Safe In Motion is the reliable, fully-accredited service for local baby car seat fitting. Melbourne car owners and parents count on our expertise selling and correctly fitting baby seats to ensure they stay secure on the road and safe in motion.

With our ACRI accreditation, our baby car seat installation gives Melbourne residents total peace of mind. We’re the one stop shop for child seat fitting. Melbourne customers can call on us to buy car seats and accessories, install anchor points for proper fastening and full child seat installation.


When it comes to child restraint fitters, Melbourne’s Safe In Motion is a service you can rely on. Trusted throughout the Melbourne area and a registered NDIS provider for child seat fittings for kids of all abilities, we’re proud to be the service people turn to for their safety on the road.

To book a quality and accredited child seat installation, Melbourne customers can reach Safe In Motions by calling Michael on 0448 678 780 or Nic on 0490 514 009.
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  • "Thanks guys! We had 3 seats installed by Michael and Nic & were very pleased with the whole experience. Prompt, friendly, knowledgeable and professional service. Would definitely recommend the boys & use them again myself. Lashay"
  • "So convenient!!!! The guys came out to my place less than 24hrs from when i first enquired about their services. They were on time, well mannered and presented well. They had a great attention to detail, checked our toddlers seat and installed the capsule for us. We will definitely be using Safe In Motion again when needed and recommending them to everyone!"
    Hayley N
  • "Thanks boys from in motion! I rang early morning to make an appointment and not only did they answer the call at 7.30am but they were also able to fit me in for a same day service! Thanks so much, great work and I can travel knowing my kids are safe in their chairs in the back."
    Koula S
  • "Great service! Very professional. Highly recommend Safe In Motion. I phoned early morning and my car seat was installed same day! I had phoned two other companies last week who gave me no reply so was very impressed with the service from Safe In Motion."
    Trenna K
We are committed and passionate about passenger in vehicle safety. Our beginnings lay in child restraint installation and being a strong safety advocate in that industry. A natural evolution of this led us to expand our offering to safety solutions for all occupants in vehicles. We developed a suite of custom engineering services to ensure passenger safety in vehicles became our area of focus and expertise.